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Welcome to MOYA AERO

Beyond Aero Logistics.


Moya Aero, founded in 2020, is a spin-off of ACS Aviation, Brazil’s aeronautical engineering, research, and aircraft development company is located in the heart of Latin America’s industrial corridor, São José dos Campos.

 ACS Aviation has an impressive list of first achievements. 

The team at Moya Aero has both led and consulted on 15 new aircraft projects over the last 15 years. All of the aircraft flew successfully.

Ativo 1

The SORA-e

The first company to build and fly a manned electric aircraft – the SORA-e – in the southern hemisphere.


in China 

The first company to certify a Light Sport Aircraft with China’s CAAC, enabling Chinese companies to begin scale production.


Class 2 UAV
(up to 150kg) 

The first company to receive Brazilian ANAC certification for an experimental Class 2 UAV.


Class 1 eVTOL (above 150kg)  

On track to be the first company to deliver a Class 1 eVTOL to the market.


Meet the Moya Team

Alexandre Zaramela
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Alexandre (Zara) has a 20-year track record of aerospace innovations. As co-founder and CEO of ACS-Aviation, a Brazilian company located in the country’s technology corridor near São Paulo, he developed aircraft for General Aviation, UAVs, and manned electric airplanes. Zara designed, produced, and tested an all-composite Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) and medium-sized UAVs. In 2015, he piloted the SORA-e, the first manned, electrically-powered aircraft to fly in the southern hemisphere.

Zara brings his knowledge of electric propulsion and two decades of technical experience in design, aircraft stress analysis, aerodynamic loading, wind tunnel testing, and ground and flight testing to lead Moya. The scope of Zara’s experience, which includes the certification process, spans design to delivery and is ideal for bringing new innovations to market.

Desuita Campelo
Head of Strategy

Desuita has a rare talent for combining her engineering expertise with business acumen.  Her 18-year aerospace career is wide-ranging – from integrating and certifying aircraft fly-by-wire systems to developing corporate growth strategies and M&A targets. 

During her tenure in Embraer’s commercial, defense, and business aircraft divisions and the former of VP of Strategic Intelligence at Embraer-X, she introduced new engineering practices, led change management initiatives, and identified critical industry trends to help the company navigate the fast-changing technology landscape. She is particularly adept at interpreting market dynamics and identifying new opportunities that give companies a competitive edge.

Desuita holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics) degree from the Pernambuco Federal University (UFPE) and a Master of Aeronautical Engineering degree from Brazil’s Institute for Aeronautics Technology (ITA.)

Rúbia Martins
Chief of Staff

Rubia’s strength is her ability to maximize efficiency yet always with an eye on the bottom line. During her 20 years with Embraer, she managed projects that optimized resources and processes to save time and money. Her background in project engineering, knowledge management, technical mapping, and process governance ensures Moya has cost-effective and streamlined operations. Her skills, particularly with seeking consensus and process integration with multidisciplinary teams, are important in the company’s pursuit of continuous improvement, innovation, and the application of best practices.
Rubia has a degree in Civil Engineering from São Paulo State University (UNESP.) Her track record is proven - she was the recipient of Embraer’s 2009 Transformation Management Award and the company’s annual Good Idea Program Award.

Maria Regina Cyrino Corrêa
Head of Marketing & Communications

Regina joined Moya’s marketing team at the inception of the company. She brings nearly 40 years of media, creative direction, advertising, and product promotion experience from consumer and manufacturing industries.

More than half of her career has been in aviation, including working for an airline, and 20 years at Embraer where she directed global marketing activities for the commercial aircraft division.
Well-travelled and culturally adept, Regina’s broad background and strategic vision are guiding Moya’s brand and product awareness.

Whether managing multimillion dollar budgets, building media plans, engaging with journalists, meeting suppliers and customers, or producing social media content, her wealth of knowledge ensures Moya will be a leader in the eVTOL industry.

Marcelo Araújo
Head of Business Development

Marcelo brings real ground-level experience to Moya having worked in flight operations, field support, customer relations, aircraft sales, and business development at Embraer for 19 years. That expertise is vital to Moya as it develops its own support network and sales channels. Marcelo’s business insights and technical knowledge are particularly valuable, especially with his background working with non-airline customers and private companies.

Marcelo holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, and an MBA from the University of Taubaté (Brazil.)

Our eVTOL is up and flying!


Concept.                                            Check

Design.                                              Check

Prototype                                         Check

First Flight.                                         Check

Testing.                                        Continuing

Certification.                                 Continuing



We’re working through our checklist and are right on schedule to introduce a whole new way to transport payload to the world by:

  . delivering critical supplies and materials to remote, inaccessible regions
  . connecting communities with poor or no infrastructure
  . improving the efficiency, productivity, and cost of crop management
  . making hazardous flying safer
  . connecting businesses with customers faster, cheaper, and simpler

Our ideas are creative. Our products are transformative.


Our Longer-Term Vision

Opening new opportunities in the world of logistics is just the first step in our vision to develop more innovative, unmanned, all-electric products. On our drawing board are concepts for eVTOL Extra Range, STOL, and High-Lift vehicles for a wide range of applications. The possibilities are endless.

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