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Techstars Los Angeles selected Moya Aero

São José dos Campos, September 11th, 2023

Moya Aero will participate in the Techstars Los Angeles Accelerator powered by JP Morgan, bringing together promising early-stage companies. Techstars is the world's most active seed stage investor with a portfolio of over 3,400 companies, including 25+ unicorns, and a market value of $70B+. Techstars run 50+ programs worldwide, some generalist, some industry-specific. Each program is highly individualistic, with 12 companies selected per program.

Moya was selected among thousands of valuable startups. The three-month mentorship program brings together founders from around the world in Los Angeles. The aim is to bring innovative products and solutions that will contribute to developing the technological and business environment in the coming years.

Techstars chose Moya Aero for its global network because "our mission is to drive business growth and fundraising success for our cohorts. We see tremendous potential in Moya Aero, their Moya eVTOL, and their leadership. They envision great opportunities to transform logistics beyond Latin America frontiers," Matt Kozlov, Managing Director, said.

The Moya eVTOL is the first high-capacity drone built in the southern hemisphere, 100% electric, automatic, and for application in logistics and agriculture.

This innovative approach to transport is supported by the broad experience of the founder and CEO, Alexandre Zaramela, who has worked with aerial vehicle electrification for more than ten years. "This is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself, not only in technological aspects but also in business. Brazil has a tremendous aeronautical tradition, which is engaged in new alternatives for propulsion. This experience is present in discussions around the world about the future of planes."

Innovative ideas need to find a way to be heard. Moya's founder and COO, Renata Paolillo, said, "This business environment is very dynamic. Being in this class will accelerate our placing ourselves on the global stage."

Demo Day will occur in the first week of December when the founders of 12 startups present their businesses to a community of investors and mentors.

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Moya Aero awarded a grant to boost cargo drone development.

São José dos Campos, January 31st, 2023

Moya Aero was awarded a US$ 2 million grant to continue work on developing its Moya eVTOL from the FINEP, a Brazilian government organization that promotes science, technology, and innovation.
In partnership with Helisul Drones, Albatross, and Certifica Drone, Moya Aero was one of two companies awarded among 15 finalists.

The grant will support the next steps of the first eVTOL for cargo dedicated to logistics applications aiming at greater productivity and efficiency. 

Moya Aero, founded in 2020 by Alexandre Zaramela and Renata Paolillo, is a spin-off of ACS Aviation, Brazil's leading aeronautical engineering, research, and aircraft development entity located in the heart of Latin America's aerospace industry corridor, São José dos Campos. This extraordinary experience is behind the Moya eVTOL, the first autonomous, high-capacity, all-electric vehicle being built in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Alexandre Zaramela, Co-Founder and CEO of Moya, said: "We are honored to receive this support from the FINEP, which we see as a testament to the importance of developing zero-emissions vehicles. Our mission is to build a cargo drone that will fill a gap in the market to serve remote and unassisted areas by conventional transport."
Learn more about Moya Aero at:, where you will find the company's information and the complete product specification.


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